Streamline Your Intake And KYC Processes Using The Tars Document Keyboard

Using our document keyboard you can collect documents and images from prospects in a frictionless manner and in the process make your intake and KYC processes surprisingly painless.

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Collect KYC documents through chat

Using the document keyboard you can transform KYC from a bureaucratic chore into a personalized customer service conversation.

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Speed up your intake process with OCR

By pairing the document keyboard with image recognition APIs you can make customer intake blazing fast. All your customers will need to do is snap a picture of their key documents and their information will automatically populate in your customer database.

Automatically file documents through integrations

Use our versatile data integration functionality to automatically send captured documents to where they belong.

WhatsApp Chatbot - Drag n Drop

Customer success stories

Check out the webinar we hosted around how to make your chatbots visually appealing👉🏻

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Free 14 day trial. No payment info needed.