This is Tars

Tars is a conversational AI platform that powers interactions between businesses and their customers. Scale customer interactions with conversational automation. Chatbots built on our platform help businesses give their customers an experience that is engaging and intuitive.


It was 2016 and we thought website forms should retire. They are boring, cumbersome, and people hate filling them out. Need a loan? Fill out a form. Need Car insurance? Another form. Want to open a checking account? You guessed it, a whole bunch more forms. Yet, this terrible method of interaction

This was unacceptable, so we decided to fix it. And so, Tars was created with the focus of allowing businesses to provide their customers a conversational experience — which people are most used to.

Tars is a Value SaaS business. We are committed to building our business capital efficiently. See here for more of Value SaaS manifesto.

Founded in 2016

10500+ Bot Creators

18000+ Chatbots Created

25M+ Bot Conversations


Ish Jindal
Co-founder & CEO
Vinit Agrawal
Co-founder & CTO
Emmanual Vincent
Engineering Team Lead
Febin John James
Product Design Team Lead
Rwitam Dutta
Senior Customer Success Manager


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