[Designing Conversations #1] How to Make a Conversational Landing Page for a Personal Injury Law Firm

by Arnav Patel • March 12, 2019

As with most technologies, the conversational landing pages are only as good as their implementation. Put simply, if you build a bad conversational landing page, you will get bad results. Take Siri as an example. When Siri was first released, there was a lot of hype around it. But the poor state of voice recognition […]

[Landing Page Teardown] Improving the Home Insurance Buyer Journey

by Arnav Patel • March 1, 2019

The home insurance market is massive. 85% of all homes in the US are insured and home insurers made a total of 104 billion dollars in revenue. How do they achieve such a massive scale? By running unparalleled marketing campaigns that blitz prospects with their brand name transforming themselves into household names. Ask the average […]

How we increased our Chatbot Conversion Rate by 60% using the Tars Analyze section

by Arnav Patel • July 19, 2018

About a month ago, we announced the new Analyze section in the Tars Chatbot builder. As you might expect, we made the announcement through a gif-laden newsletter with a title so clickbait-y, that even Casey Neistat would disapprove of us. Usually, when we write these newsletters, we try to convey in the simplest possible terms, […]

Quiz Bots — A new way to increase conversions

by Ish Jindal • February 20, 2018

Speaking with hundreds of TARS users, we notice several trends in how people use our products. Some of these trends are mildly interesting and we might pause to give them a moment’s thought. Others however, catch our imagination and make us dedicate weeks on end to explore their potential. One such trend is that of […]

This is how Leonardo Dicaprio runs his business over Tars Chatbot

by Ish Jindal • January 26, 2018

All you truly need to run a business , is a TARS bot and a single Google Sheet. Don’t believe us? Check out the example below and tell us how we are wrong. Meet Academy Award winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio :   He wants to start a digital advertising agency, but has no idea how to make a […]