Conversion Optimization

Automotive Dynamics Increased Conversion Rate by 50% using a PPC Chatbot

by Arnav Patel • September 27, 2018

As their name suggests, Automotive Dynamics (AD) is an Arizona-based business which offers a variety of car-related services. Their repertoire is diverse, providing customers with everything from collision repair to second hand car reselling. One of the company’s services is the humble engine oil change, which all car owners get periodically in their car’s life cycle. To generate […]

How we increased our Chatbot Conversion Rate by 60% using the Tars Analyze section

by Arnav Patel • July 19, 2018

About a month ago, we announced the new Analyze section in the Tars Chatbot builder. As you might expect, we made the announcement through a gif-laden newsletter with a title so clickbait-y, that even Casey Neistat would disapprove of us. Usually, when we write these newsletters, we try to convey in the simplest possible terms, […]

Quiz Bots — A new way to increase conversions

by Ish Jindal • February 20, 2018

Speaking with hundreds of TARS users, we notice several trends in how people use our products. Some of these trends are mildly interesting and we might pause to give them a moment’s thought. Others however, catch our imagination and make us dedicate weeks on end to explore their potential. One such trend is that of […]

How to Increase Conversion Rates on Mobile Landing Pages?

by Ish Jindal • October 13, 2016

Google recently announced that Chrome now has more than 1 billion active users on mobile. This makes Chrome as big a platform as WhatsApp or Messenger or Instagram or Snapchat. It seems like a no brainer that every business should have a really good mobile experience. But this is not happening. I have talked to […]