[Designing Conversations] How to make a Conversational Landing Page for a Travel Marketing Campaign

by Arnav Patel • May 5, 2019

In my experience, the relationship that human beings have with vacations is deeply irrational. On the one hand, we visit destinations that are wildly popular, and on the other, we trick ourselves into believing that our vacations are completely unique. The end result of this mental lapse in judgment is that we perceive vacations as […]

[Designing Conversations] How to make a Conversational Landing Page for a Home Healthcare Marketing Campaign

by Arnav Patel • May 5, 2019

In an increasingly crowded healthcare market, it is difficult to stand out from the crowd. Most healthcare providers rely on dull, uninspired landing pages to generate leads from traffic that has an especially low attention span. Within this context, conversational landing pages are an effective tool for marketers to create engaging lead generation experiences that […]

[Webinar] How Chatbots And Push Notifications Can Supercharge Your Website Conversions

by Arnav Patel • April 24, 2019

Chatbots and push notifications go together like peanut butter and jelly. Both technologies are pretty great on their own, but together they are downright phenomenal. Think about it like this. Lead generation consists of two stages: Pre-click optimization Post-click optimization. On the pre-click side, you need to worry about getting your landing pages in front […]

[Product Update] Highly Curated Chatbot Templates that Save You Hours

by Arnav Patel • April 19, 2019

I have found that when the average person thinks about chatbot creation they assume that it is a hyper-technical project that requires teams of engineers working long hours in dimly-lit, subterranean rooms. This is a misconception. In my experience, software engineers work a reasonable number of hours in kombucha-fuelled open-plan offices with whimsically named conference […]

[Tars Product Update] – Add Emojis in your Chatbots

by Ish Jindal • October 31, 2018

At Tars, we are firm believers in the use of non-text elements in messaging flows. Gifs, videos  and images make conversations a more engaging experience and improve user experience. For this reason, we are making it easier for bot creators to integrate a key type of non-text elements in their conversational flows. The Tars builder […]