Case Study

Center For Sight Used a Chatbot to Reduce Cost Per Click and Build Trust

by Arnav Patel • October 22, 2018

To get a LASIK eye surgery, you need to clear your day, wade through traffic, and squeeze your car into the ridiculously small parking spaces at your doctor’s office. After completing this vital step, your doctor will conduct a pre-op assessment which involves testing for vision, corneal thickness and pupil size. If you pass, your […]

Automotive Dynamics Increased Conversion Rate by 50% using a PPC Chatbot

by Arnav Patel • September 27, 2018

As their name suggests, Automotive Dynamics (AD) is an Arizona-based business which offers a variety of car-related services. Their repertoire is diverse, providing customers with everything from collision repair to second hand car reselling. One of the company’s services is the humble engine oil change, which all car owners get periodically in their car’s life cycle. To generate […]

Pazmental uses ChatBots to Automate their Data Entry and Tracking

by Ish Jindal • March 8, 2018

When most businesses think of chatbots, they think of a customer facing experience. Lead generation, customer support, product explainers are all common use cases for TARS chatbots. Of course, this doesn’t mean that all bots must be customer facing. We have noticed a small but robust community of bot creators emerge who are using TARS […]

This is how Leonardo Dicaprio runs his business over Tars Chatbot

by Ish Jindal • January 26, 2018

All you truly need to run a business , is a TARS bot and a single Google Sheet. Don’t believe us? Check out the example below and tell us how we are wrong. Meet Academy Award winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio :   He wants to start a digital advertising agency, but has no idea how to make a […]

Beating the System with BEN and CAMI : How Chatbots can Transform Government Interaction

by Tars • November 16, 2017

Why do chatbots matter in government? Imagine if citizens could interact with government in a personable way, in a way that users can relate to, in a way that cuts through the red tape on the backend so the user doesn’t have to on their end. Imagine a system that can be developed and maintained […]