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[Case Study] LawRato Increased its Conversion Rate by 80% Using a Chatbot

by Arnav Patel • January 31, 2019

If you are faced with a legal issue, what is the first thing you do to find a solution? For most people the answer is a quick Google Search. But then what? Each page you open from the search results contains highly technical legal terms that you don’t understand and after reading, re-reading and refreshing […]

[Landing Page Teardown] LASIK Eye Surgery PPC Landing Pages

by Arnav Patel • January 29, 2019

Regardless of what role they have on the team, pretty much everyone at Tars examines, critiques and rebuilds 5-10 client landing pages per day. Our process for doing so usually involves a lot of back and forth on Slack where we share Loom videos of ourselves talking through the critiques of the client’s landing page […]

[Product Update] Upload Images at the Speed of Light

by Arnav Patel • January 17, 2019

In the modern age of messaging, images and gifs have become as important a part of communication as text. We share photos of our food, kids, dogs and use gifs to react to the silly messages our friends send in an overly-dramatic way. We feel that bot conversations should be no different. At the core […]

Reduce PPC Spend in 2019 While Still Driving Exceptional Results

by Nicole Mears • January 15, 2019

Hearing the words “we need to reduce ad spend” from your boss or client is never a great start to a conversation. A million questions run through your head. Why is my boss/client unhappy with performance? Why now? Will performance nosedive? What did I do wrong? Am I going to get fired? Ahhh, why me? […]

[Product Update] Geolocation Autosuggest UI

by Arnav Patel • January 10, 2019

Another week rolls by and our commitment to building the most frictionless lead generation experience continues. This week, we decided to tackle one of the hairiest types of lead info on the internet: Location Data. Specifically, we are releasing the Geolocation AutoSuggest UI to make it as easy as possible for prospects to share location […]