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Why Auto Insurance Providers should use conversational landing pages in their marketing campaigns

Why Auto Insurance providers need to use a Conversational Landing Page in their marketing campaigns

by Arnav Patel • April 23, 2019

In 2019, insurance is not optional. Whether it’s your car, house, health or even in some cases your life, insurance has become an absolute necessity to be a functioning member of society. Given its importance, the application process for insurance can be an highly-stressful and grueling process for most people. Whether it is rational or […]

[Product Update] Highly Curated Chatbot Templates that Save You Hours

by Arnav Patel • April 19, 2019

I have found that when the average person thinks about chatbot creation they assume that it is a hyper-technical project that requires teams of engineers working long hours in dimly-lit, subterranean rooms. This is a misconception. In my experience, software engineers work a reasonable number of hours in kombucha-fuelled open-plan offices with whimsically named conference […]

[Designing Conversations] How to Make a Conversational Landing Page for a University

by Arnav Patel • April 11, 2019

In a competitive higher education marketing landscape, universities are finding it increasingly difficult to capture students’ attention and expand the number of people entering the admissions funnel. This issue is more than just an inconvenience, it is a real monetary burden. Digital ads are a key lead generation channel for many universities, and their effectiveness […]

Why Universities Should Use Conversational Landing Pages in Their Marketing Campaigns

by Arnav Patel • April 11, 2019

Most students entering Universities today are millennials, and if there is one thing that I know about my generation, other than the fact that we ruin absolutely everything, it’s that we have really short attention spans. This poses higher education marketing teams with a problem. Digital Ads have become a key tool in the way […]

[Designing Conversations] How to Make a Conversational Landing Page for a Mortgage Lender

by Arnav Patel • April 10, 2019

It’s a well-known fact in digital marketing that mortgage lead generation is extremely difficult. Between the intense competition for user mind space, high friction in the application process, and the complexity of the product being sold, mortgage companies have to spend tens of millions of dollars on platforms like Google and Facebook just to get […]