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Open Letter to a Pitch Deck

by Ish Jindal • November 30, 2016

Dearest Pitch Deck, We need to talk. You have served us well over the years but let’s face it : this was not meant to be. Slides were created as a supplement to our speech, not to express information on their own. You were meant to be used for in-person presentations, not decks over email. It’s […]

How Chatbots will disrupt governance and elections

by Ish Jindal • November 9, 2016

When people ask me why they should use a bot, my answer is simple. Bots are engaging. Land on a webpage and you need to go through the effort of reading the content and figuring out exactly what is being told. Land on a bot and it will (ideally) tell you exactly what you need […]

Can you replace a Landing Page with a Bot?

by Arnav Patel • October 14, 2016

Picture this. You are looking for a car insurance policy. You Google search “car insurance” and click on the first link that pops up. The landing page is exactly as you expect it to be. Bold text in the middle, a picture of a happy customer talking to a friendly agent, a prompt to scroll […]

How to Increase Conversion Rates on Mobile Landing Pages?

by Ish Jindal • October 13, 2016

Google recently announced that Chrome now has more than 1 billion active users on mobile. This makes Chrome as big a platform as WhatsApp or Messenger or Instagram or Snapchat. It seems like a no brainer that every business should have a really good mobile experience. But this is not happening. I have talked to […]

5 Coolest Bots built using Tars

by Ish Jindal • September 28, 2016

At Tars, we have been helping businesses build conversational bots for over a year now. And I wanted to share some of the coolest and interesting bots people have built using our platform. I have tried to cover diverse use-cases, to help you understand what all can possibly be done using this simple interface. So […]