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5 Coolest Bots built using Tars

by Ish Jindal • September 28, 2016

At Tars, we have been helping businesses build conversational bots for over a year now. And I wanted to share some of the coolest and interesting bots people have built using our platform. I have tried to cover diverse use-cases, to help you understand what all can possibly be done using this simple interface. So […]

How we turned our Newsletter into a Bot and increased engagement by 4x

by Arnav Patel • September 20, 2016

At the end of every month, I go through the cathartic process of cleaning out the promos tab of my Inbox. Its usually a good mix of emails. Flipkart and PayTM try to get me to buy things that I don’t need and Papa John’s is convinced that their new pizza will blow my mind. […]

[Case Study] On Empathy and Signups : How Sheroes uses chat

by Ish Jindal • September 8, 2016

8% of Sheroes signups come in through chat. Find out why SHEROES is an online career resource for women with members from over 20,000 locations. They provide users with access to mentoring, workshops, job opportunities and answer common questions among other things. They help women navigate a job market by dealing with problems that are unique […]

[Case Study] Simplifying Lead Generation: How BabyChakra increased conversion by 3x

by Ish Jindal • September 6, 2016

BabyChakra is an online marketplace that connects parents or soon to be parents with services that make parenting easier. Doctors, Daycares, Activities, Clothes; BabyChakra has you covered for everything related to parenting. Key to running a service like this, however, is having lots of high quality service providers to list their businesses on your site. […]

[Case Study] No need to download an App. You can “Chat to Book” on MyGlamm

by Ish Jindal • August 21, 2016

MyGlamm is an on-demand beauty services company based out of Mumbai. Through a simple 4 step process you can book professional beauticians who will provide you with salon level beauty services in the comfort of your home. They are the Uber of beauty services. The Old Model Before partnering with TARS, MyGlamm had three ways of […]