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[Tars Feature Update] — Design Section

by Ish Jindal • July 4, 2017

An itty bitty, tiny little game changer of a feature that will make your bots look cooler. You know how our chatbots generally look like this: Well… What if they didn’t look like that? What if they looked like this instead? We are rolling this new feature which will make your bots look even more […]

Chatbot Building Best Practices #2 — Why Message Length Matters

by Arnav Patel • July 3, 2017

TL;DR : Message length is a significant contributor to the high user engagement of bots. When a user lands on a bot, the bot prompts the user to take action within a few seconds. On a website, users need to get their bearings, read all the text and figure out what is happening. A reason for […]

Chatbots Roundup #7 — How bots can be used by bloggers, travel sites and webinar hosts

by Ish Jindal • July 2, 2017

Another week, another bot roundup. Check out some of our favourite bots from this week in no particular order: QAInsights Direct link : https://convbot.hellotars.com/conv/ByYw0I QAInsights is a website run by NaveenKumar Namachivayam, a product tester at Infosys and an avid blogger. His bot acts as a way for his readers to get in touch with him. […]

Tars Labs Experiment #1 : Creating a Telegram Bot to receive Tars chat submissions

by Arnav Patel • June 29, 2017

DISCLAIMER: People who do not know how to code. Do not get intimidated, this tutorial might look technical but it is not. It’s just a bunch of copy-paste. Telegram is the best messaging app you can download today. Their apps on Android and Windows are better than those of Messenger and WhatsApp and most importantly […]

Chatbot Building Best Practices #1 — Message Delays

by Ish Jindal • June 23, 2017

If you are reading this piece, I assume that you have already made a bot. If you have not, click here to make one right now. Creating a bot is not like creating an app or a website. The design choices you have to make deal more with how the user feels when they read your […]