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Chatbot Building Best Practices — Why Message Length Matters

by Ish Jindal • July 24, 2017

When people ask me why they should use a bot instead of a form or website, my immediate response is that bots are more engaging than conventional means of communication. At the crux of this argument is an innocuous characteristic of chat that most people take for granted: message length. Why is message length important? […]

TARS is now a Fashion Company

by Ish Jindal • July 20, 2017

You read that right. A fashion company. A company that does fashion things. This past week at the TARS team retreat, we were having an innocuous meeting looking at slides with meaningless acronyms and talking about synergy, when we struck proverbial gold. The idea… I remember it clear as day. Vinit, from the tech team, […]

Chatbot Building Best Practices #3 — Rich Media Content

by Ish Jindal • July 11, 2017

How using images, GIFs, memes, videos and sound clips in your bots can make it more engaging. If you have used any of the bots that we have built in-house at TARS, you will know that we love using rich media content to enhance our messaging flows. While this certainly enhances the aesthetic appeal of […]

Chatbots Roundup #8 — Bots with good design, great hooks and amazing messaging copy

by Ish Jindal • July 11, 2017

Another week and you guys have not ceased to amaze us with your bot building skills. Here is our weekly roundup of bots you should try this week: Northstories.io Direct link : https://northstoriesio.hellotars.com/conv/rJiEfw Northstories.io is a digital marketing company that helps you tell your company’s digital story so that you can get more traffic and higher […]

The bad old days…

by Ish Jindal • July 9, 2017

We send out two newsletters every week to 7000+ people. Our newsletters are a mix of bots we and our bot makers community makes each week, hilarious GIFs, best bot making practices and a lot of random experiments we keep doing around bots. Basically, you get entertained while you learn. We have been sharing some […]