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Reduce PPC Spend in 2019 While Still Driving Exceptional Results

by Nicole Mears • January 15, 2019

Hearing the words “we need to reduce ad spend” from your boss or client is never a great start to a conversation. A million questions run through your head. Why is my boss/client unhappy with performance? Why now? Will performance nosedive? What did I do wrong? Am I going to get fired? Ahhh, why me? […]

[Product Update] Geolocation Autosuggest UI

by Arnav Patel • January 10, 2019

Another week rolls by and our commitment to building the most frictionless lead generation experience continues. This week, we decided to tackle one of the hairiest types of lead info on the internet: Location Data. Specifically, we are releasing the Geolocation AutoSuggest UI to make it as easy as possible for prospects to share location […]

Why We Created the (Unofficial) Unsplash Chatbot

by Ish Jindal • January 7, 2019

Last week our tech team created a simple chatbot using the Unsplash API. The functionality is pretty simple. A user gives the bot a search query and in response the bot sends Unsplash’s top 3 free stock images associated with that term (You can try out the bot over HERE): The bot was created half […]

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9 PPC Marketing Trends to Look Out For in 2019

by Ish Jindal • January 1, 2019

We’ve made it around the Sun again and a lot has happened in that time. There was a trade war, France won the world cup, we saw a royal wedding, and Youtube released its most hated Rewind yet. But lost in the buzz was perhaps the most significant event of the century. At Tars we […]

How to Book Meetings Using a Chatbot

by Arnav Patel • December 18, 2018

We have written extensively in the past about how chatbots can be used  to make the process of capturing leads more enjoyable for prospects. But in those articles we have mainly focused on simple email leads. This past week, we decided to broaden our horizons and look at a whole different class of leads: the […]