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A Comprehensive Guide for using Chatbots in your Restaurant

by Ish Jindal • November 28, 2017

Dominos, TGIF and Pizza Hut all have chatbots and you can too. Early last year, a high-level Uber executive named Chris Messina claimed that 2016 would be the year of conversational commerce. If you don’t know what that means, then you are normal. But if you work in the restaurant industry, you should definitely change […]


[Tars Feature Update] Chatbot Widget Optimisation to get more Conversions

by Ish Jindal • November 22, 2017

By far the most popular means of deploying TARS bots is through the chat widget button on your website. The reason for this is clear. It offers ease of deployment throughout the whole site and ease of access for users by sitting within reach at the bottom right of the page for whenever the user […]

[Case Study] Beating the System with BEN and CAMI : How Chatbots can Transform Government Interaction

by Arnav Patel • November 16, 2017

Why do chatbots matter in government? Imagine if citizens could interact with government in a personable way, in a way that users can relate to, in a way that cuts through the red tape on the backend so the user doesn’t have to on their end. Imagine a system that can be developed and maintained […]

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[Case Study] This Company Automates 70% of Customer Support Requests with a Chatbot

by Ish Jindal • November 10, 2017

“70% of our customer support requests are handled by the bot. ” The biggest advantage of using a bot over other mediums (like forms or websites) is engagement. Conversational interfaces are more interactive and more human than a static webpage or form and as such customers find them more engaging. Generally, people see this and the […]

[Tars Feature Update] Smarter bots, better conversations, more conversions

by Ish Jindal • November 1, 2017

TARS bots got smarter. A lot smarter. The basic premise behind TARS bots is : You, the creator of the bot, construct a back and forth exchange(a conversation) in which the bot shows a user a prompt and the user can give a response using an input method that you specify. To make conversations more complex, […]