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WordPress + TARS = 😁

by Ish Jindal • May 2, 2018

The new season of WestWorld released last Sunday and as with every other HBO show, it sent the TARS tech team into a state of frenzy. Of course, this too involved a lot of cowboy costumes and a harebrained idea to pivot the company away from the Chatbot Builder Tool. So here is what happened. […]

[Tars Product Update] — New Data View

by Ish Jindal • March 28, 2018

So you guys know the Tars Data Section right? The place where you can see all the conversations people have had with your bot. It looks kinda like this from the outside : And it had a bunch of options under the hood. Quite a lot of them. Not anymore! What is the change? The UX […]

What are your goals for 2018?

by Ish Jindal • March 27, 2018

We are 3 months into 2018 but our company goal persists. To bring about the end of humanity as we know it, by creating an AI that surreptitiously consumes all of human consciousness and uploads it to an AWS server. But enough about us. What about you? We want to hear what your 2018 goals […]

The Cursed Form Rack

by Ish Jindal • March 21, 2018

I was in the Airtel (telecom company) store the other day, trying to get a sim card for my new phone, when the store attendant directed me towards this monstrosity. Upon seeing the ghastly thing, I was conflicted. All of these disparate emotions were running through me. Was it pain? distress? confusion? I even felt […]

Add SoundClips, Maps and Slides in your Chatbots to Increase Conversions

by Ish Jindal • March 20, 2018

Adding images, videos and gifs, make your bots more interactive and that means higher conversion rates. People like this: more than they like this: But you see, this past week we realised that we missed out on something when we made that claim. Our vision was far too restricted in the past. Images, gifs and […]