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Your Chatbot needs a better home : It’s your Website

by Arnav Patel • July 27, 2018

Most of the discussion surrounding chatbots today focuses on use of bots in messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Kik, Slack and Telegram. While such a discussion is necessary, it severely neglects the chatbot platform which has perhaps the greatest potential of them all : websites. On the surface, a web-based chatbot does not seem like it would […]

[Tars Product Update] Make sense of your Chatbot Data with Analytics Section

by Arnav Patel • July 23, 2018

At Tars, we have a singular belief that drives us: Chatbots = Higher Conversion Rates Our reasoning behind this claim is easy enough to follow. Chatbots are more engaging than traditional lead generation forms. Higher engagement means less people closing the page before they provide you with their contact info. Of course it does not […]

How we increased our Chatbot Conversion Rate by 60% using the Tars Analyze section

by Arnav Patel • July 19, 2018

About a month ago, we announced the new Analyze section in the Tars Chatbot builder. As you might expect, we made the announcement through a gif-laden newsletter with a title so clickbait-y, that even Casey Neistat would disapprove of us. Usually, when we write these newsletters, we try to convey in the simplest possible terms, […]

How Chatbots can help Government Agencies provide amazing Customer Experience

by Ish Jindal • June 7, 2018

If you speak to anyone about their local DMV (or equivalent organization), they will likely complain to you about the long lines, slow service and confusing forms that are near ubiquitous across the world. Such a state of affairs is more than inconvenient, it is downright tragic. The services offered by state and local government […]

[Tars Product Update] Google Analytics Integration with Tars Chatbots

by Ish Jindal • May 31, 2018

Have you heard of Google Duplex? If not, here is the basic idea. At Google’s annual developer conference this year, Google revealed a crazy new feature called Google Duplex. Using this, Google Assistant can call businesses for you to make restaurant reservations, book hair salon appointments etc. They showed some demos on stage, and I […]