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[Case Study] Automotive Dynamics Increased Conversion Rate by 50% using a PPC Chatbot

by Arnav Patel • September 27, 2018

As their name suggests, Automotive Dynamics (AD) is an Arizona-based business which offers a variety of car-related services. Their repertoire is diverse, providing customers with everything from collision repair to second hand car reselling. One of the company’s services is the humble engine oil change, which all car owners get periodically in their car’s life cycle. To generate […]

[Case Study] A Dead Simple Hack to Reduce Cost Per Lead by 48%

by Arnav Patel • September 12, 2018

Healthcare at Home (HCAH) used a PPC Chatbot reduce their cost per lead by 48% and increase lead conversion rates by 2x. Here’s their story. About HCAH As its name suggests HealthCare at HOME (HCAH), is a leading Indian health services provider. The organization is backed by the Burman family, who also promote Dabur, and the founders of HAH […]

Conversations will save your PPC Conversion Rate

by Arnav Patel • September 4, 2018

Your Landing Page is killing your PPC Conversion Rate. Conversational Landing Pages could be the CRO tool which fixes that. Picture this. You are looking for a car insurance policy. You Google “car insurance” and a whole bunch of Google Ads show up. The first link is from a huge company whose ads you’ve seen […]

Lead Quality is King: How conversations can make your sales process faster

by Arnav Patel • August 16, 2018

When discussing lead generation, it is easy to fixate on conversion rate as the only metric worthy of attention. An equally important, but less popular metric is lead quality. Even if you somehow manage to wrangle a high conversion rate out of your current lead magnet, poor quality leads will make your business suffer. Acquiring […]

[Case Study] FastCashStrips doubled their conversion rate using a Chatbot

by Arnav Patel • August 3, 2018

Fast Cash Strips is a US-based business which buys excess glucose testing strips from diabetes patients. The company used a chatbot to double their conversion rate. Here’s how they did it. How does FCS work? Visitors to the FCS webpage can appraise their extra testing strips on the site, ship them and get paid immediately. […]