Imagine if every time a prospect clicked on your Facebook ads, they could skip the hassle of filling out a form on a boring landing page, and jump straight into a conversation with your best customer service rep.

Well you can do that with WhatsApp Chatbots

Here’s the full story👇

The Problem

It’s no secret that Social Media ads have abysmal conversion rates. Across industries, over 90% of people who click on Facebook ads drop without sharing their contact info or buying a product.

At the root of the problem is your landing page.

Landing pages ask your customers to read through a wall of text and then fill out a form to express interest in your product. People don’t like doing either of these things, and the end result is that they drop from your page without converting.

WhatsApp Chatbots as the Solution

While rolling out the WhatsApp Business platform, Facebook made the prudent decision to allow businesses to send Facebook ad traffic directly into WhatsApp conversations.

Source: AdWeek

This is great news for your ad campaigns because WhatsApp chatbots are an engaging alternative to traditional landing pages. They transform the entire lead gen experience into a conversation and customers appreciate that!

Conversations are instant, dynamic and they feel more authentic than your average landing page. The end result is that more people who click on your ads actually convert before dropping.

How can I get started with WhatsApp chatbots?

That’s where we come into the picture. 

Using the TARS builder you can create your very own WhatsApp chatbot (even if you have no coding experience at all) and start engaging your customers in the app that they love most.

All you need to do to get started is to book a free consultation with us to discuss your requirements.

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