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What our customers say

I’ve been using Tars for my agency to schedule calls with clients. So far it got me almost $10,000 in B2B sales using the chatbots. The feedback I get is – they enjoy filling out the bots, it feels more ‘human’ vs. forms.

Rose Tablan
Your Go-To Funnel Nerd

Using TARS technology, we developed BEN (Bot Enhanced Navigation) as the first steps to redefining the way government interacts with citizens. Simply put: our TARS bots rewrote the playbook on digital customer service in government. We’ve had over 500 5-star ratings, rave reviews from customers, and that was all within the first eight months! TARS technology is the paradigm shift government needs and the online interactions citizens want.

Levi Worts
State of Montana, Department of Justice
Harry Taggart - Circle

TARS allows supporters of the Feature Film for Charity to submit agreements in a far simpler and natural way, using the amazing ‘Conversational Interface’ chatbot technology. In addition, if we have any questions, these are addressed in an amazingly prompt and helpful manner, rating this company among the very top in ‘customer service experience’.

Harry Taggart
Feature Film for Charity