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floating menu being used to insert fire emoji twice into aconversational flow

[Tars Product Update] Floating Menu

by Arnav Patel • December 7, 2018

As you might know from our previous newsletters, the Tars team uses Slack for internal communication, and we love it! It is fun, versatile and most importantly it is quick. We love it so much in fact that this week, we decided to take inspiration from our favourite messaging platform.  The floating menu is an […]

[Tars Product Update] Cleaner UI : Collapsible Menu and Dynamic Snackbar

by Arnav Patel • November 27, 2018

At Tars, we strive to create the best UI possible in all of our software. For bot creators, this means a builder that makes it easy and intuitive to create chatbots, and for bot users it means providing a smooth and efficient experience that maximises usability. Today we are launching two significant updates in this […]


[Tars Product Update] Google Ads Conversion Tracking

by Arnav Patel • November 16, 2018

The value of PPC chatbots is simple: a higher conversion rate on your Ad campaigns. But how much higher? Lead attribution in ad campaigns is a key part of assessing how much value you are getting on your adspend, and optimizing your campaign to maximize this value. This is why we work tirelessly to build […]

[Tars Product Update] – Book More Meetings with Calendar UI in Tars Chatbots

by Arnav Patel • November 8, 2018

At Tars, we are building the future of lead generation software. Our approach involves building a user interface that makes the lead capture process as engaging as possible for prospects to complete. Part of this means recognising that not all leads look the same. Most of our customers for example, capture emails and follow-up with […]

Center For Sight Used a Chatbot to Reduce Cost Per Click and Build Trust

by Arnav Patel • October 22, 2018

To get a LASIK eye surgery, you need to clear your day, wade through traffic, and squeeze your car into the ridiculously small parking spaces at your doctor’s office. After completing this vital step, your doctor will conduct a pre-op assessment which involves testing for vision, corneal thickness and pupil size. If you pass, your […]