Chatbots 🤖 can provide a guided experience to your website visitors and convert them into leads.

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Most of the discussion surrounding chatbots🤖 today focuses on use of bots in messaging💬 apps like Facebook Messenger, Kik, Slack and Telegram. While such a discussion is necessary, it severely neglects the chatbot platform which has perhaps the greatest potential of them all : websites🤷‍♀️💻

Chatbot on your website understands users, then curates information, answers questions, capture contacts, and books meeting instantly. You can build, integrate, and launch chatbots on your website or as a landing page in the matter of few minutes😎

Quickly leverage data collected by the chatbot by connecting it over to your CRM, marketing automation, email platforms, or internal management systems. Once deployed, you can interact with your website visitors as well as see the bot analytics dashboard, suggestions for optimization, and edit your bot to skyrocket the marketing campaigns📈🤑

How it works?

Create a conversation workflow

Signup and create the chatbot flow from scratch using our workflow builder or use a pre-built template.

Chatbot as post-click landing page

Each chatbot conversation lives on its own link, like a typical landing page. Use this chatbot link as your ad campaign destination.

View, download and integrate

Check the leads collected right in your dashboard, download it in an excel sheet or send it to your preferred CRM and marketing apps.

How you can increase your conversion rate by 50% using chatbots?

What our customers say 💬

  • Michael Kupfer
    — Michael Kupfer, Director of Marketing, Harvard Business Solutions
    Tars team is very responsive and pleasant to work with. They actively recommend ways to improve performance and utilize the chatbot platform in additional ways. The chatbot builder UI is simple to use and the chatbots themselves are easy to launch and modify.

The future of customer experience is conversational. Join us today.

The future of customer experience is conversational. Join us today.