Ish Jindal

Ish co-founded Tars with Vinit in 2016. He's been passionate about entrepreneurship since his college days. He enjoys building, scaling and connecting the dots between sales, marketing and customer success at Tars. He can also be heard on podcasts, talking about conversational marketing and chatbots.

Vinit Agrawal

Vinit is a tech enthusiast who's excited about the future of human-machine interfaces. He's also the Co-Founder of Tars. Vinit focuses on leading product development and building tech architecture to support millions of users. He enjoys reading non-fiction books.

Febin John James
Product Design Team Lead

Febin is a hacker who loves to tinker around emerging technologies. At Tars, he's responsible for its backend systems. He enjoys teaching and writing about futuristic technologies.

Emmanual Vincent
Engineering Team Lead
Rwitam Dutta
Senior Customer Success Manager
Akshiti Bhowmik
Customer Success
Akshiti is an artist at heart. At Tars, she works on giving success to our customers. She's the in-house expert when it comes to making great chatbots. We have lost count of the bots she has built. She's also an aspiring designer.
Shubham Sharma
Product Consultant and Account Management
Manoj Baba
Product Solutions
Shantanu Patnaik
Full Stack Engineer
Ankit Vashisht
Full Stack Engineer
Soham Chakraborty
Content Marketer
Akil Krishna
Demand Generation Marketer
Sameer Pednekar
UX/UI Designer
Priyamwada Pandey
UX/UI Designer
Shivani Garg
QA Test Engineer
Rohit Lalotra
Sales Specialist
Sarath Babu Unni
Sales Account Manager
Shannon Das
Account Executive
Arjun Rana
Customer Success Executive
Saptarshi Mondal
Customer Success Executive
Aamer De
Sales Development Representive
Vaibhav Kubre
Full Stack Intern
Raghav Gupta
Full Stack Intern
Saurav Kumar
Motion Graphics Designer Intern
Jyoti Negi
Content Creator Intern


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