Tars Feature: Auto Suggestion

Inside Tars builder, you have the option of using auto-suggestion as the Input UI

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What is the auto suggestion feature?

Rich media is pretty much any form of content other than simple text that you can include in a chatbot flow. That means — pictures, gifs, sound clips, videos, emoji, and even slide decks.

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Why is it important?

Within the date scroller option, creators can customize which dates users are allowed to input. The options are All Dates, Past Dates, and Future Dates. And, within the Time scroller option creators can customize the increments of time that users can scroll through using the Time steps to take configuration.

When to use the auto suggestion feature on your chatbot?

The First Gambit

A lot of people have not interacted with bots before and might be wary of using a chat interface to interact with a business. Using a piece of rich media can add a little familiarity and make the chat seem more approachable.


Use rich media as reactions when prospects reach certain milestones in the lead generation process. In such cases, the rich media serves as a sort of reward that encourages them to continue with the lead gen process.

Some best practices of using auto suggestion input feature on your chatbots

Type of Rich Media

As for sources for this rich content, we generally use Youtube, Giphy, Imgur, or the emoji picker in the TARS builder to find content. All of them have pretty amazing search algorithms, so you won’t have trouble finding something that fits your needs on them.

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Chatbot Load Time

Load times are a source of friction in your conversational flow. You could find the perfect gif or image to put in your chatbot but if it takes 30 seconds to load, your user will either lose attention and drop before the image loads or they’ll continue with the conversation without seeing the image. Try to find the ideal balance of appropriate content and small size to get the most out of your content.

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