Sequential Soft designs custom chatbots for the retail, hospitality, medical and insurance industries amongst others, from lead generation to food ordering, customer support, tele-consult to complicated stock status information linked to an ERP backend.

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Sequential Soft is a software consultancy firm with POS and ERP expertise in the retail and hospitality market space. Their aim is to provide complete integrated solutions where specially designed custom chatbots are linked to ERP, financial, or other backend systems.

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I love the pre-built chatbot templates and intuitive widgets provided by Tars to create conversations. For me, chatbots really help to optimize and improve landing page conversions. I highly recommend giving Tars a try if you are looking for a highly intuitive chatbot builder with impressive reporting📝
Tars Partner - Preston Martelly
Preston Martelly
Java Logix

I appreciate the tools available on Tars to build conversational solutions. Also, the team - they are at the time capable to deliver powerful flexible solutions. Hundreds of templates are available for anyone to speed up the development of a nice useful chatbot. A special mention to their people, who are all the time willing to help and make the entire bot making experience easy to use📈

Tars Partner- Mario Recalde
Mario Recalde
Conversación Digital

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