Insurance Brokers Chatbot (French)

Lead generation in the insurance industry can be overbearing for both insurance customers and insurance agents. Moreover, the task of providing a personalized insurance quote to a potential customer can be quite lengthy and put the efficiency of an insurance firm at high risk. Conversational AI is the solution to this problem. AI-powered chatbots in insurance can automate the entire insurance sales funnel and perform repetitive tasks like human agents. This chatbot template collects all the necessary details from customers required by an insurance provider to offer them the best insurance quote. In addition to this, it's a French-speaking bot!

Features and Benefits :

  • The chatbot asks the user the type of insurance that they want, i.e. Car insurance, Home insurance, or Mutual Health insurance.
  • If the user selects car insurance, the chatbot asks them to choose their vehicle manufacturer brand name
  • It collects the user's name, occupation, their contact info such as phone number and email address.
  • It asks basic questions related to the user's chosen option such as their car registration year, how do they use their vehicle, where do they park it, date of insurance, how do they finance their vehicle, who would be the regular driver of the vehicle, their date of birth, when did they obtain their driver's license, has their license been canceled or suspended in the last 5 years, have they been terminated by a previous insurer in the past two years, and have they been insured for the entire period without interruption in the last 3 years, and describe your home, i.e. a bungalow, apartment, are they the owner, their home address, etc.
  • It can help insurance companies save time and money on your sales funnel. They can automate all the processes involved with the lead generation process. This will increase the chances of getting more leads from the same pool of prospects.
  • It can increase the conversion rates for your insurance business and save the time and money spent on the lead generation process.
  • It can reduce the cost of acquiring new customers.
  • It can build trust and credibility among the target audience.
  • This insurance chatbot uses the French language.
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