Insurance Certificate Request Form

Issuing a certificate of insurance form can be tough for insurance agents which makes it tougher for a potential customer to get one in time. To overcome this obstruction, insurance providers can use this certificate of insurance request form template that can speed up the process through a concise conversation with the certificate holder. Customers don't have to fill those long online forms anymore, rather they have to interact with a basic request form template such as this one that can provide amazing customer service by gathering all the necessary details regarding the construction project of the customers.

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Features and Benefits

  • The chatbot collects the name, policy number, and phone number of the customer.
  • It asks for the name of the person who is requesting this certificate.
  • It asks for the certificate holder's name, contact details, residential address, and email address.
  • It asks the customer questions like would you like to name the certificate holder as additionally insured, and if yes, is there a contractual obligation for you to do that.
  • It asks the customer to write a short description of the project.
  • It asks the customer to select the category of this project, i.e. industrial, residential, or commercial.
  • It asks them who is going to be occupying this project.
  • It asks them to upload pictures of the contracts that they might have.
  • This will help reduce paperwork and save time for both the insurance agent and the customer.
  • It will also make sure that it generates certificates for certificate holders on time.
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