HR Policies ChatBot

A chatbot in HR can not only make the entire employee experience frictionless but can also give way to a smoother internal communication in the company. Collect employee feedback through conversational chatbots to monitor the administrative tasks and encourage employee productivity. Such virtual assistants can maintain employee satisfaction by carrying out basic repetitive tasks efficiently.

Features and Benefits :

  • The chatbot asks the employee to type in their employee code and the four-digit pin number.
  • It asks the employee if they want to read the policies, make a request or take a look at their payslip.
  • It offers to show the policies on overtime, internet, and email use, job evaluation, occupational health and safety, payroll management, etc.
  • If the employee asks to make a request, the bot asks them to enter their current location and describe their request in the chatbox.
  • It collects their address and name for their request description.
  • If the employee asks to look at their payslip, the bot asks them the month for which they want to see the payslip.
  • Employee engagement is a key factor that drives performance and retention in any organization. An engaged workforce leads to better customer service, higher productivity, improved quality, and reduced turnover costs. The chatbot helps in engaging your employees by providing them with relevant information and knowledge about their jobs, pay, and other important details.
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