Appointment Booking Chatbot for University Doctors

This smart, AI-based chatbot makes use of conversational interactions to answer basic consumer queries while making them feel at ease by adding the human touch. It uses simple language, free from any complicated medical jargon so anybody can easily interact with it. This particular template is built to help people book easy and instant appointments. It can be used to note down the patient's problem area, provide them with a list of relevant doctors to choose from, display the appointment slots available for their chosen specialist so people can pick a slot according to their schedule, and then finally gather the user's personal details and book an appointment. It also provides a direct payment link so people can pay the consultation fees via this chatbot itself. With the constant pressure on healthcare workers, a smart, conversational AI solution such as this can be used as a reliable assistant that can be used to perform generic repetitive tasks such as booking appointments, answering basic patient queries, etc. It can also be used to subtly advertise the healthcare services and facilities provided by you. The chatbot also generates important leads such as names, email ids, and phone numbers. A digital transformation of the traditional healthcare strategies used by the healthcare sector might just be the innovation needed to meet the growing demand for patient care and other services provided by the healthcare industry.

Features and Benefits :

  • You can change the language of this chatbot as per your needs; clients too can pick the language they prefer the most from the options provided by you.
  • Facilitates automatic appointment bookings that will relieve your employees of repetitive clinical protocols or extra work.
  • Allows users to upload pictures and pdfs so that they can upload previous prescriptions or documents showing their medical records or health issues, without any human intervention.
  • Users can state their problem area in their own words and can pick a Health professional or specialist from the choices provided by you.
  • Once the patient picks a specialist, they can pick a time and date slot on their own from the options you provide.
  • Brilliant conversational AI solution that mimics the tone of human language to make users feel at ease.
  • The chatbot will be live 24x7 so prospective patients can book an appointment any time they want. The chatbot's around-the-clock service is bound to boost patient satisfaction.
  • Can be used to provide a direct payment link to users so that they can pay the respective consultation fees of the medical professionals chosen by them or assigned to them.
  • Generates essential leads such as names, phone numbers, and email addresses of potential clients.
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