Chatbot for Adolescent Well-Being Survey

The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in the deteriorating mental health of numerous adolescents and young adults around the world. This is why conducting health surveys is highly essential right now to form an idea about the current mental situation of these young people. Numerous medical survey sites today use a wide array of methods to gain engagement and accurate information on the mental health of those participating. However, one of the most important methods of encouraging patient advocacy is definitely the use of smart AI-based chatbots as they make the process quick, simple, and interactive. A young person can easily access it and participate in it from their mobile device. This chatbot template has specially curated questions rooted deeply in psychology that help paint a proper picture of the participant's mental state. Conducting such surveys is not only an essential part of healthcare services but also an effective method of understanding our youth better.

Features and Benefits :

  • Proficient online health service medium that has been curated to ask a handful of questions, rooted in psychology, to gain a better idea of the patient's mental state.
  • Efficient method of conducting an online survey by using simple directions and prompts that will make it easy for users to interact with it.
  • Provides numerous different options so that the users are able to relate more accurately.
  • Non-invasive yet smart questions that make the users feel comfortable while also capturing an accurate picture of their mental state.
  • Is an excellent survey platform that asks a combination of questions related to both the emotional state and social life of the user.
  • Captures essential demographic information about the users.
  • Comes with multiple gender options so that everyone can equally take part in it.
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