Medical Test Booking Bot

Long gone are those days when patients had to wait in lines to book a medical test. Ever since automated multi-step booking forms entered the scene, appointment scheduling has become a painless and unchallenging task. This online appointment form template can help patients upload an online document and set a preferred appointment time for their booking very smoothly.

Features and Benefits :

1. The chatbot asks the patient if they want to book a test or enquire about a booking.

2. If they choose to book, it asks them to choose their city.

3 .It asks them to state the name of the test that they need. In case they don't know, it asks if they want a full body package or upload a doctor's prescription.

4. It allows the patient to choose from the most popular packages offered by the company.

5. It collects the patient's age, gender, phone number, name, and email address.

6. It asks the patient about their family medical history.

7. It collects the date, time, and address for sample collection.

8. If they choose to enquire about a booking, it asks for their booking ID.

9. It asks them to describe what they want to know about their order.

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The future of customer experience is conversational.

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