Narayana Specialist Doctor Appointment Chatbot

Appointment scheduling and booking can be quite tedious and repetitive work. Health workers are already quite overburdened and getting rid of this one menial task can help save a lot of staff time. Online bookings have revolutionized the doctor appointment booking system. By using this simple and efficient chatbot template you can drastically cut down on the time wasted every day in booking medical appointments via traditional, telephonic methods. Online appointments booked via this chatbot are much faster and do not involve the hassle of filling up any long forms. The chatbot asks for all the necessary details required to book an appointment; apart from the patient's basic contact information, it also notes down other details such as the patient's preferred location, medical specialist, and time slot. It can be used to generate important leads of your prospective patients in the form of - names, phone numbers, and Email addresses.

Features and Benefits :

  • Potential customers can immediately see all clinics or medical centers affiliated with your brand at the very first glance.
  • Shows a drop-down list of multiple cities where patients can avail of your services.
  • Your clients simply need to pick a city of their choice and the bot will show all the places where they can access your services in that city.
  • Once clients have picked the city, the bot gives them the option to pick their primary problem area and what kind of medical specialist they are looking for such as - Dental, Cardiology, ENT, etc.
  • Lets patients choose a date and time of their preference from the appointment slots available.
  • Allows users to book appointments both for themselves and for others.
  • Gathers important leads such as - names, phone numbers, and email addresses of prospective patients.
  • Sends confirmation Emails to clients to let them know that the booking has been confirmed.
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