Chatbot for Heathcare Quiz

Online forms and quizzes are increasingly common components of routine surveys. You can either make it a boring, non-interactive page and risk them not filling out the questionnaire at all, or you can make it fun and engaging and get real answers. In order to make a boring process interesting, you could hire a team of people to work on it round the clock, or you could just plug in a chatbot. Our advanced chatbot framework for online polls, questionnaires, and quiz is immediately deployable on any platform.

Features and Benefits :

  • Helps find new customers by capturing contact information like their names and email addresses.
  • It asks a series of questions in order to better understand the health care needs of the patient.
  • The chatbot then generates a report and sends it as a response to the user's answers.
  • It can be a breakthrough for healthcare industry as it ensures patient satisfaction and records the feedback.
  • This chatbot automates appointment bookings to save your employees time and effort.
  • Having the chatbot available at all hours for appointment scheduling would greatly improve patient satisfaction.
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