Doctor or Hospital Appointment Scheduling Bot

Healthcare is complicated, but appointment booking doesn't have to be. Using an AI-powered doctor appointment chatbot, your patients can seamlessly book, reschedule or cancel appointments with the doctors they need. This in turn boosts the patient experience, reduces operational costs and provides privacy.

Features and Benefits :

🏆 Boost Patient Experience: This healthcare chatbot is a ready-to-go appointment booking template for any hospital or health-tech institution. It’s carefully calibrated conversational flow is designed to completely replace long & dull appointment booking forms as the first point of patient engagement. By smoothly matching patients to their preferred doctor they not only quicken the appointment booking process — they also boost patient experience.

🏆 Reduce Operational Costs: The two customer engagement solutions that hospitals & healthcare institutions often use are human receptionists/agents or Live Chat. Both solutions are extremely expensive and still provided limited coverage. Why? Because these solutions are optimally suited for higher order problem solving. In other words, using them for repetitive and predictable customer engagement interactions is financially imprudent. For example: by using this appointment booking chatbot, hospitals can conversationally automate the entire process of matching patients to their preferred doctor and then scheduling an appointment with them. This reduces operational costs as human agents can now be solely focussed on higher order tasks.

🏆 Provide Privacy: Healthcare is an extremely personal subject for most individuals. Given the taboos surrounding sexual and mental health issues in the public domain, individuals often feel discouraged from openly booking appointments for ‘sensitive’ healthcare problems such as those mentioned before. What a chatbot does is it provides patients with a a private process of booking appointments and thereby encourages the exact opposite.

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