Booking Chatbot for Medical Care Provider

Healthcare Chatbots were all the rage during the Covid-19 Pandemic because of the wide range of functions they are able to perform which, in turn, helped reduce the excessive pressure on healthcare workers during the pandemic. By implementing our smart and automated chatbot solution, you can relieve your customer service executives of having to answer repetitive questions or even book appointments. This particular template can be customized to display appropriate data about the services provided by you which is enough to answer basic consumer queries. It can also be used by patients to book medical appointments at any time of the day since the bot will be live on your site 24x7. It is based on smart Artificial Intelligence Technology that simulates the tone of a natural conversation between humans to make people feel at ease. If someone is dissatisfied with just chatbot interactions, it can even book a callback for them. Moreover, this medical chatbot can prove to be a boon for future marketing campaigns as its smart conversational flow is built to capture essential leads such as names, phone numbers and email addresses of prospective clients.

Features and Benefits :

  • Will help you display all the services and benefits provided by you in one single place.
  • Is easy to use and interact with which is bound to positively affect patient experience.
  • Will be live on the site 24x7 so patients can access it any time they want which will lead to more patient engagement.
  • Smart conversational chatbot that simulates a human conversation so that users can feel at ease while interacting with it.
  • Acts as an efficient virtual assistant that can register common questions or initial patient queries regarding your services, book an appointment, arrange callbacks and can also be used as an effective medium for advertising.
  • Patients can book an appointment anytime they want and can choose their own doctor from the list of medical professionals provided by you, without having to wait in line to enquire via the telephone.
  • Can be used to answer any initial queries or simple questions that patients may have related to the healthcare services provided by you.
  • If any patient wants to take their inquiry beyond chatbot conversations, this smart AI-based chatbot can also help them apply for a callback.
  • Apart from providing users with a comfortable, conversational experience, this chatbot also captures their leads in the form of names, phone numbers and email addresses.
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