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The digital transformation of healthcare services not only helps serve consumers better but also reduces healthcare costs by automating services that would otherwise require constant human intervention. This AI-based chatbot comes with a broad range of applications making it one of the most efficient digital health tools available in the market today. Unlike mobile health apps, that are more suited for mobile devices, this chatbot is equally easy to access from any electronic device. One of the biggest challenges for healthcare providers is meeting the growing demand for their services. By digitalizing healthcare services to a certain degree, we can considerably reduce the pressure on healthcare providers. This AI-based chatbot is the perfect addition to your healthcare business as it not only answers basic queries of users but can also be used to completely automate the demo-booking or appointment-booking process. A healthcare organization can also use it to generate leads as the smart conversation flow of this chatbot captures important user details such as names, email addresses, and phone numbers. Its interactive medium incentivizes user engagement and is bound to improve conversion rates. Improve the quality of care you provide your users and make informed decisions based on skillfully gathered user data using this smart chatbot template.

Features and Benefits :

  • Smart AI-based chatbot with well-curated content that allows you to list or advertise the services provided by you for both mental health professionals and patients via one single platform.
  • Can take image and pdf inputs so patients can upload any important document related to their health condition allowing you to maintain electronic health records of potential patients.
  • Smart, digital health platform with an interactive medium that can mimic the human touch and elevate the level of virtual care provided by you which, in turn, incentivizes engagement and improves user experience.
  • Will be live on your site at all times, providing 24x7 seamless access to users which is bound to increase bookings.
  • Simple and easy to use so that it can be used by people from all walks of life.
  • Improves patient experience as they can list their issues on an interactive medium instead of filling up long and tedious forms.
  • Is a device-neutral platform and can be accessed via all your electronic gadgets.
  • Helps you generate important leads from virtual visits on your platform as its smart conversational flow captures details (names, email addresses, and phone numbers) of those interacting with it.
  • Intelligent digital technology that can be used to cut down on repetitive tasks and answer user queries faster.
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