Online RTI Application Bot

If you are working for the government sector and find that your citizens are having a problem using your services, all because of a confusing application form, then this RTI application chatbot is for you. Make the process of filing RTI frictionless and quick using conversational AI and provide uninterrupted support to the visitors. This new-age online RTI application bot lists out the various services that it can help the users with and maintains a conversational flow throughout the chat.

Features and Benefits :

1. The application bot asks the user the type of RTI they want to file, i.e. Passport delay, IT refund, Exam paper, FIR status, etc.

2. It asks basic questions based on the user's choice such as applicant's name, application number, name of the passport office, the submission date of application, PAN number, the financial year for which ITR is to be filed, ward number, refund amount, applicant's roll number, name and date of the exam, FIR number, name of the police station, comments to be added in the application, full name email address, and phone number of the user, etc.

3. The application bot will guide the user through the process of filling up the application form. No more confusion or stress.

4. With the bot, the user doesn’t have to spend time searching for information about the service provided by the government. All they need to do is ask the bot and get the answer instantly.

5. The user gets instant answers to their queries without spending hours waiting for someone to respond.

6. The bot provides accurate responses to the user’s queries. It can also be updated regularly.

7. It helps the government sector in many ways. For example, if there is any change in the rules and regulations of the government, the bot informs the user about the same. Also, if the user wants to know about the progress of their application, the bot keeps them informed about the same.

8. It can be used to ask a variety of question types.

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