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The traditional concept of onboarding via complicated paperwork and human intervention is no longer relevant in today's smart, digital world. Several banks today are making use of digital onboarding technology such as this chatbot to make the onboarding process more smooth and hassle-free. This digital onboarding strategy provides a lucrative opportunity for banks - they can reduce costs, improve customer experiences and generate plenty of leads. Moreover, it is designed to run leads through an OTP verification process to ensure they are qualified. The entire onboarding process can be automated by this chatbot and to top it off, it can stay live on your site 24x7. Thus, via the use of this digital channel, customers can initiate the onboarding process any time they please. This efficient and smooth digital experience is bound to make the customer journey through the onboarding process more comfortable than the traditional method. By offering this digital service you can easily improve conversion rates as the chatbot's interactive interface is built to incentivize customer engagement. The banking sector is growing busier and busier and the use of smart digital applications like this chatbot is one simple way to meet the growing demand.

Features and Benefits :

  • Smart AI-based chatbot that automates the customer onboarding process without requiring human intervention.
  • This smart digital tool asks all the relevant questions that help gather the information required to open a bank account.
  • Facilitates a seamless experience for banking customers as it is both easy to use and provides a lively interface.
  • Comes with a scroller calendar that helps customers pick birth dates with ease.
  • By automating this task you can successfully relieve your onboarding team of this repetitive and manual process so that they can focus on more important matters.
  • Successfully reduces overall onboarding time as machines are faster and less prone to error than humans.
  • Helps you implement a smart customer onboarding strategy that not only improves the onboarding experiences of your customers but also captures essential and qualified leads such as names, phone numbers, email addresses, etc.
  • The digital client onboarding process via this chatbot takes a lot less time and can be taken care of at any time as the chatbot will be live on your site 24x7.
  • The interactive interface has a positive effect on the customer onboarding journey; the chatbot can simulate the form of a human conversation which incentivizes engagement and improves conversion rates.
  • Automating the process will also help to significantly reduce onboarding costs as a single chatbot can handle queries that need to be handled by multiple employees in traditional banks.
  • By streamlining all relevant content via this chatbot platform you can optimize your website and improve your digital identity.
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