Loan Application ChatBot

Be it a digital personal loan or any other loan program, this loan bot helps lending institutions automate the entire loan processing cycle. It allows you to save hours of manual data entry, approvals, disbursements, and documentation while providing a more personalized experience for your customers. Filling out a long Loan Form can be tiring and cumbersome, especially when digitalization has taken the center stage. To make sure your prospective customers don’t opt out of your website, you can leverage a conversational interface to start the process in a scalable way.

Features and Benefits :

  • The chatbot asks the users for their names, phone numbers, and email IDs for lead generation.
  • It validates user input in real-time.
  • It refers to the user by their name, personalizing each conversation.
  • It asks borrowers for the loan amount to pre-qualify them for the loan.
  • It allows users to upload documents within the chatbot for eKYC and other verifications.
  • It can be configured to verify the borrower’s mobile number through OTP.
  • It asks users for Salary, Housing Status, and Loan Status to check for loan eligibility.
  • It can respond to your customers faster than ever before. They won't have to wait for days to hear back from you.
  • By automating processes, you can reduce costs and your employees can spend their time doing other important tasks.
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    The future of customer experience is conversational.

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