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Recently applied for a car loan? Text back with the vehicle you want for more options or reply no to stop seeing these messages. Still looking for a better auto loan? Tell us the vehicle you want and complete 100% of the approval process on your mobile in less than 90 seconds Thanks for letting us know what vehicle you are interested in. For us to help you a little further please answer the following 3 questions. 1. What is your maximum desired monthly payment? Do you have a trade or money down? 2. Which method of communication is preferred email text phone facebook Once Connected Please upload a copy of your drivers license and social insurance number confirm your identity and secure your approval preapproved Resposnse- Double text 1/1Thank you for confirming your identity. If this is your current address please respond with your monthly payment and length you been there 1/2 If this is not your current address please respond with your current address lenght you have been there and your monthly payment. Response Congratulations you are more halfway to driving your new vehicle! Please tell us how you get paid by responding with the source or your employer, how long it's been and how much you get.

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