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This tax landing page chatbot template helps you optimize your landing page by allowing you to streamline relevant so clients can avail it from a single place. You can use it to display essential information about the services and benefits provided by you and automate certain vital yet repetitive processes such as answering basic client queries. It can also be used to redirect customers to a live chat with an actual human representative if the bot isn't able to resolve their queries. Its interactive medium incentivizes interaction and helps improve conversion rates. The bot will stay live on your site 24x7 so potential customers can access it any they want. It can be used for lead generation as its smart flow captures the email id of anyone who opts for a live chat.

Features and Benefits :

  • This AI-based chatbot comes with a well-curated template that allows companies to optimize their landing page by streamlining data. For example, if you provide tax preparation services, you can load this chatbot with relevant data regarding the same so customers easily see it and make an informed choice.
  • You can use it to automate the process of answering basic queries of various consumers. If the provided options do not satisfy customer queries, this bot can directly redirect them to a live chat with one of your customer service executives.
  • Its interactive interface helps engage potential customers and boosts interactions in general.
  • It notes down the email id of anyone who opts for a live chat; you can use this email lead for any future marketing campaigns.
  • It will stay live 24x7 and does not have any time limitations, therefore customers can interact with it any time they want.
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