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If your financial business provides microloans to those women who are in need of business funding, then this chatbot template can surely make your job easier by automating the funding application process. It can convert the contact forms into an active conversation between the potential clients and the mortgage brokers. Moreover, it can also provide other information about business financing to the already-engaged mortgage leads to help the sales agents in pushing them down the sales funnel.

Features and Benefits :

1. The chatbot asks the customer if they want to apply for the loan, know about the key features of the company, or know the eligibility criteria to avail of the loan.

2. It tells them to have specific documents ready in case they want to know about their eligibility.

3. It asks them to select the product category that they want to finance, such as two-wheeler finance, tractor finance, real estate finance, microloans, or corporate and structure financer.

4. It collects their name and contact details like cell phone numbers and email addresses.

5. It makes lead nurturing easier for the sales team by making the sales process frictionless.

6. It gives real time customer support to actual clients reducing the number of phone calls that a team has to jump on.

7. The human agents don't have to resort to cold calls to warm a potential client.

8. It can improve the conversion rates of a company.

9. It can help a company gather positive feedback from business leads.

10. It can be configured to collect information regarding the customer's credit score, business size, etc.

11. It is cost effective and builds customer loyalty.

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