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Are you a mortgage loan officer searching for ways to prequalify customers before selling your loan products? Do you want to help them find the most suitable loan in a span of a short conversation? Then this mortgage landing page chatbot is the best customer support that you can offer to your potential customer in the sense that it can automate the mortgage process, provide immediate mortgage advice and improve your digital marketing strategy. The mortgage industry can now have an automated lead capture form at its disposal that can help mortgage professionals acquire and engage prospective buyers through an automated conversation.

Features and Benefits :

1. The chatbot asks the customer if they would like to speak to a mortgage consultant to get pre-qualified before the loan process.

2. It asks them if they would like to connect through phone, email, or talk to a local consultant.

3. It collects their name, zip code, and contact info such as phone number and email address.

4. If they want to connect to a local consultant, it shares the nearest branch address with them.

5. It asks them for the time they want to apply for financing, i.e., immediately, within three months, three to six months from now, etc.

6. It asks them if they are currently working with a real estate agent.

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