Amortization Schedule Calculator

Knowing loan amortization schedules can be super helpful to your financial customers since they wish to grasp the amount of money they pay in principal and interest over multiple time periods, in other words, their periodic loan payment. As helpful as it could prove to be to the customers, generating loan schedules for every customer could be highly exorbitant and demanding for financial firms. Although, with the assistance of conversational AI, this task can be automated to maintain the efficiency of human agents and get the customers a loan amortization table in the fastest time recorded.

Features and Benefits :

1. The chatbot asks the customer to enter their mortgage amount, mortgage term (in months/years), and yearly interest rate.

2. It collects their name and email address to share their amortization schedule readings.

3. It can calculate the monthly payments of the customer based on their payment frequency, principal balance, loan period, and payment terms.

4. It can also function as a mortgage calculator that can be configured to ask additional questions about the customer's personal loan.

5. It can save time and money spent on generating leads through traditional methods, such as forms, cold calling, etc.

6. It is a customizable template which means that mortgage lenders can customize it keeping their customers in mind.

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