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Calculating a house value that fits the needs of the financial customers not only helps customers in getting an accurate estimate of the mortgage loan they would need but also strengthens the lead generation strategies of mortgage lenders by converting the task into an interactive session of back-and-forth conversation. What can make the client experience even more seamless is conversational AI, such as this property valuation software, that can enable an influx of client opportunities. Moreover, it can be configured to utilize some additional features such as natural language processing, geo-location keyboard, etc.

Features and Benefits :

1. The chatbot asks the customer for their annual income.

2. It asks for their monthly debts.

3. It asks them to enter the down payment that they can manage for the house.

4. It asks them to enter the interest rate at which they are ready to pay their home loan.

5. It asks them to enter the amount of time it would take for them to pay back the loan entirely.

6. It collects their name and email address to share the house value that fits their budget.

7. It gives an accurate picture of mortgage loans that customers are required to follow.

8. It can save the cost of lead generation for a property valuation business.

9. It can improve client relationships by giving immediate customer support to the entire client base.

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