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This conversational AI chatbot will help you automate the entire customer registration process. Its smart chat flow asks all the right questions that will help you qualify your customers and also gain vital leads. This conversational chatbot also engages a relatively larger pool of customers with its interactive interface. It will stay live on your site 24x7 and can have a conversation with visitors on your website and guide them through the registration process at any time. With the help of the automation provided by this AI-based chatbot, you can save ample time and also boost customer engagement and experience.

Features and Benefits :

  • Helps various agencies register with your services without requiring any human supervision or interference.
  • Not only automates the registration process but also the customer qualifying process; it asks a set of smart questions to help you identify whether a customer qualifies for your services or not.
  • Interactive, conversational platform that boosts customer experience and incentivizes interaction.
  • Smart lead capture flow that captures vital contact details of prospective clients such as their phone numbers or email address.
  • This AI-based tool is the ideal customer service chatbot as it stays live 24x7 and can help customers register with your services any time they want.
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