Quiz Chatbot for Financial Literacy

Is your financial firm hell-bent on managing the personal finances of its customers, but their poor knowledge of financial concepts is acting as an obstacle? Kick start a financial literacy campaign for your customers and ask away all the relevant financial literacy questions in the form of an intriguing quiz. This financial literacy quiz can quiz the customer on credit scores, credit card rules, credit card debt, etc., and help them save from a potential financial literacy crisis that will help them make wiser financial choices in the future.

Features and Benefits :

1. The chatbot asks the user to star rate their financial literacy.

2. It asks the user questions like if you have $100 in your savings account earning 2% interest a year, how much would you have after 5 years; if the interest rates on your savings account are 1% a year and inflation is 2% a year, would the money in your account be more than it does today, after a year; if the interest rates rise, what will typically happen to bond prices; assuming a 4% inflation rate, how long would it take to lose half of your purchasing power, etc.

3. It collects the user's name and email address to share their results.

4. It can be configured to provide an option for the user to save their answers as well as provide feedback about the quiz.

5. It can also help users learn about the importance of saving and investing.

6. It can also help them learn about different investment strategies.

7. It can help them learn about the risks involved with investments.

8. It can be used by banks, credit unions, insurance companies, mutual funds, retirement plans, etc.

9. It can be used to educate customers about different products offered by the company.

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