Home Equity Calculator

Letting the customers of a mortgage company know the amount they can borrow against the value of their home can be made uncomplicated and appealing if there is a simple quiz involved in the process. This chatbot for home equity mortgage leads takes into account the estimated value of the house and mortgage value of the user so that the sales team can calculate the final amount accordingly. It can ask the mortgage prospect questions that consider the value of their desirable mortgage, mortgage refinance, credit eligibility criteria, etc. In the end, it captures the lead's data and shares the results with them.

Features and Benefits :

1. The chatbot asks the user questions like what is the estimated value of your home according to you, what is the estimated value of your mortgage balance, and how does your current credit score stand.

2. It collects the user's name, phone number, and email address to share the final result with them.

3. It helps save time as well as money by automating the entire process.

4. It provides an opportunity to engage with the customer at different stages of the buying cycle.

5. It also makes the sales team more efficient and closes deals faster.

6. It can generate leads for mortgage services companies.

7. It can be configured to process mortgage loans request.

8. It can be configured to provide a quality mortgage to the customers.

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