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Refinancing a loan can be a cumbersome process for lenders as well as customers. Mortgage lenders have suffered from the outcomes of traditional loan origination processes that have given rise to a poor lead generation rate for their lending business. To make the situation better, in the terms of both marketing and sales, the mortgage industry has turned to automation tools that can transform the lending operation into an engaging interaction, something that old lead gen techniques failed to bring about. This mortgage loan origination automation software can call forth a revolution for a financial institution by automating the loan applications and underwriting process advertising various loan products, and collecting all the necessary information from a customer such as the credit score, and loan funding costs, etc. Such a financial tool can help the borrowers in understanding their financial health closely by taking them out of their financial crisis and enabling them to make faster decisions.

Features and Benefits :

1. The chatbot asks the customer if they have a preference for a loan officer. If they do, it asks them for the name of the loan officer.

2. It collects their name, phone number, email address, and address of the house they're looking to refinance.

3. It asks them about their marital status.

4. It asks them if they're applying for the loan with another applicant. If they do have a co-applicant, they are asked to share their name, email address, marital status, and phone number.

5. It asks them to choose the type of property they want to refinance, such as single-family, condominium, townhouse, two to four-unit property, cooperative, or manufactured home.

6. It asks them about the usage of the property, i.e. if they want to use it as a primary residence, second/vacation home, or investment/rental property.

7. It asks them to share the year of purchase of the property and the loan amount (in dollars) that they would like to obtain.

8. It asks them the number of mortgages that there are on this property.

9. It asks them to select the type of refinancing that they want, such as a lower rate or change terms, cash-out for home improvements, or cash-out for debt consolidation.

10. It asks them to share their social security number to obtain a current copy of their credit report.

11. It asks them to select the source of their income, such as employment, independent contractor, military pay, rental, social security, pension, business/self-employment, other, or don't have any income.

12. It can automate most of the manual processes for mortgage companies.

13. It can provide real time customer service to enhance customer satisfaction.

14. It can carry out document verification in a matter of minutes.

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