Expats Investment Chatbot

A lot of thought goes behind the financial planning for the expat clients of an investment firm. To destress the customers, investment firms provided financial advisors who could offer expert solutions or planning for expats. Since, human agents would always fall short behind AI, in terms of efficiency, financial advisors adopted chat automation to carry forward the same task without ever stopping. This chatbot for expat financial advisors can handle portfolio management that includes a financial plan, estate planning concerns, and tax advice. It also helps the customer overcome the challenge of foreign investment accounts by connecting them with a financial advisor consultant.

Features and Benefits :

1. The chatbot asks the user to select their location (Europe or the Middle East) to learn about the service most appropriate for their situation.

2. It explains the benefits of the services offered by the investment firm.

3. It collects the name, phone number, and email address of the user to connect them with an expert.

4. It allows the user to ask questions regarding the service they want to avail of.

5. It generates leads for the company’s financial advisor team.

6. It helps financial advisors save money spent on generating leads.

7. It helps the user manage their investments and portfolios following a financial plan provided by the chatbot.

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