Rent Vs. Buy Calculator Chatbot

People often find it hard to come to a conclusion when the question of owning a house arises. If your financial business guides its customer base on making a wise decision pertaining to buying and renting out a house, this rent vs buy calculator chatbot can assist you throughout. It asks a relevant set of questions to the customer and makes a recommendation keeping in mind their ongoing expenses, property taxes, monthly cost, purchase price, monthly rent, maintenance costs, security deposit, one-time costs, annual percentage rate, etc. Based on the answers to such questions, it sends the final result to the customer and generates leads, capturing their contact details.

Features and Benefits :

  • The chatbot asks the user questions like how well is your current access to a down payment, how much consumer debt do you have, what percentage of the property's price can you put down as a down payment, and how is your credit history, how long do you plan to stay in your home, what do you think about the home prices in your target locality, what percentage of your income are you able to save every month, etc.
  • It collects the customer's name and email address to share the final quiz result with them.
  • The chatbot can be configured to provide information regarding mortgage rates, loan terms, and other similar data.
  • It helps the customer make an informed decision by providing them with all the necessary information they need to know before deciding whether to buy or rent a house.
  • It saves time for both the customer and the agent. They don't have to spend hours researching the market conditions or finding the right properties that meet their needs.
  • It can be configured to provide the customer with a list of houses matching their requirements. This will help them narrow down their search and get better results.
  • It can be configured to allow the customer to compare different properties based on their preferences.
  • It can send automated emails to the customer after completing the questionnaire.
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